The Red Baron Squad

The Grimaldi Motoring Club

This is for fun. A callout to motoring enthusiasts who love the journey as much as the destination; We plan events for those of you who treasure sharing that experience with kindred spirits who possess the same passion for the ride.

It's no prep for any upcoming Paris-Dakkar - it's just for fun and for the love of motoring. A unique opportunity for like-minded friends, a chance to get together from time to time to enjoy our many and varied vehicles - our cars and our motor bikes.

It's also about being able to experience some of the most spectacular scenery on countless great routes

and the sheer pleasure of exploring some of the most breathtaking highways in the world - all in our own backyard.

It is also a unique way to celebrate life - to find oneself in the company of enthusiasts who have discovered the pleasure of driving or riding compelling and exhilarating - with the added bonus of forging new friendships along the way.

Whether you're a friend, client or associate you are welcome to join us in having a great time exploring - with motoring friends - the unsurpassed beauty of this place we call home.

The Grimaldi Motoring Club